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"Democracy Now" will air both at 6am (live) and be rebroadcast each weekday at 3pm. You can also hear new insights in jazz. In addition to KSFR's popular jazz programs weekdays  9 - Noon, join Santa Fe's own jazz musicians and other afficienados of the genre from 1 - 3pm as well.

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  • SUMMER CULTURE - How to select the best fruit this summer. Supermarket-bought fruit needs to be ripened at home. Read about it here in Public Arts.

  • A PUBLIC RADIO ICON ON KSFR - NOW TWO HOURS EACH SATURDAY! -  Former "Morning Edition" host for its first 25 years, Bob Edwards' new program airs Saturdays at 8am on KSFR.  Bob Edwards Weekend  highlights the life and work of interesting people, from newsmakers, historians, and authors to artists, actors, and regular folks too. A sampling: President Jimmy Carter; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; actors George Clooney and David Strathairn; former gang members in L.A. and the priest who helped them leave the gangs.

  • OTHER SATURDAY CHANGES -  To make room for Bob, "Camp Lovewave" moves to 10am. Hear Bari, Terran and Lindsay one hour later, but still authentically Lovewave. Listen to KSFR's popular "Gardens, Food, and Santa Fe" with Bob Ross, live every Saturday from the Santa Fe Farmers Market, and that quirky new food show "Mouth of Wonder"can now be heard at 11:30. Finally, for the news of the week, don't miss "At Noon -- Weekend Edition" with News Director Bill Dupuy. (It starts At Noon.)

  • Visit KSFR's new ebay store.  Bid on one-of-a-kind items, purchase KSFR logo merchandise, and help support Santa Fe's only Public Radio station. We've just added a number of signed, 1st edition books by some of the world's most compelling writers. Hunter S. Thompson,  Joseph Heller, Lawrence Ferlinghetti- click on over  and check them out.

  • KSFR NAMED 'STATION OF THE YEAR' IN 2005 AND 2006 - Winners of a record 24 awards (listen) for broadcast excellence in the two most recent Associated Press competitions, the AP also named Santa Fe's Only Public Radio 'New Mexico Station of the Year' for News for two years in a row.

  • NEW ON-LINE EXCLUSIVE - "To the Best of Our Knowledge" It's an audio magazine of ideas - smart, entertaining radio for people with curious minds. This month: Bill Siemering, President of Developing Radio Partners, tells Steve Paulson how communities in third world countries are using radio as a community development tool. We also hear excerpts from the Press Mongolia series, "My Life. Listen now in Public Arts and try out our other new on-line only shows, too, in Public Arts.

  • REAL JAZZ - On the radio, weekdays 9am to Noon. And the living legends of Jazz, here regularly in Public Arts.

  • WHO LISTENS TO US ANYWAY? - KSFR listeners are pretty special. If you're a local business or non-profit you'll be especially interested. Want to know more?

  • IN TOUCH WITH OUR COMMUNITY - Find out what's happening out and about in Northern New Mexico. Check the NEW IMPROVED Public Events Calendar right here online. Powered by NMCulturenet. Updated continuously. Submit your organization's event right online, too. (Pictured Left: Downtown Santa Fe's Historic Lensic Theater)

  • REACH YOUR FAVORITE HOSTS - KSFR program hosts with their own web links can be reached by clicking on their program's name. Just go to our . Or send an email to [ email ]" title='Click to email'>email ]" title='Click to email'>email ], and we'll forward your message.

  • KSFR MUSIC PLAYLISTS - Many music hosts are now posting playlists online. Please check our Program Guide for all the details on your favorite music.
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